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Our besties are moving.

One of my best friends in Moscow is moving. I love her kids and her family like my own.
I am sad, but also excited for this awesome family to move closer to their amazing family!

Lyons- we love you!
Lizzy- Thank you for being a ray of sunshine for me when I needed it the most. For being such a good friend, for making me laugh, and for being my starbucks and sparkling water supplier. :)
Basically, thank you for being awesome! You are amazing!

Travel safe, friends! We love you! xoxo

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Fenn Family

I love this family! Just sharing a quick peek into this session with the Fenn Family from last month.

 photo blog25_zpsgbq2ev5k.jpg

 photo blog15_zpsurlfx95m.jpg

 photo blog4_zpschm57cqr.jpg
 photo blog2photos_zpszhwuj1ki.jpg
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Lyon Family

 photo blog30_zpsnhvhlahg.jpg

I love this family! They have been such great friends to our family and I love their kiddos like my own.
So fun to share a few pictures from our session a few weeks ago.

Enjoy! xoxo

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Conk Family: University of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical Garden

 photo blog12_zps6alowqhx.jpg

Just sharing a quick peek into this beautiful family’s session. Enjoy!
 photo blog2photos_zpsfbnwrljs.jpg

 photo blog24_zpsnzxyllse.jpg

 photo blog2photoss_zpsopkfdn27.jpg

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Jessica & Curtis Family

Oh man, prepare yourself for one of the sweetest little families…

 photo blog10_zpsdacogjfj.jpg
And some of the cutest little cowgirl boots.
 photo blog6_zpss3ouc3gq.jpg

 photo blog2pho8tos_zpsbohqkzig.jpg
Always a treat for me to spend a few minutes with families for pictures…feel like I get to know them a little better through my camera.
These kids sure do love each other…

 photo blog24flare_zpsertcr65v.jpg

 photo blog20_zps5cni6nqc.jpg

 photo blog2phot6os_zpshj7oxynb.jpg

 photo blog12rez_zpsutmudmc5.jpg


 photo blog3_zpswjhtard5.jpg

Oh, this baby girl is too sweet.

 photo blog2photos_zpspbp1kfw4.jpg

Sweetest little lady around.

 photo blog7_zpsw4gz8spw.jpg

You are so loved, Linnea!
 photo blog8_zps7y3kicqk.jpg

 photo blog11_zpsb1s37b0a.jpg

xoxo, Aunt Gena

 photo blog9_zpsyncegtjr.jpg

Stef & Eira

 photo blog18_zpslhbrfzdp.jpg
Just sharing a quick peek into some pictures I took awhile back of my sweet sister-in-law and her beautiful baby, Eira.

 photo blog1_zps1czpr3ca.jpg
Love how Stef is such an attentive mother! Eira is one lucky baby!

 photo blog8_zpsbq5oopp4.jpg
You two are beautiful, Stef!

 photo blog2photos_zpshwrpzo3f.jpg
Love you both!

 photo blog2phothos_zpsbq0eejf3.jpg

My Kids

Just sharing a peek into my own little cuties. Love these kids so much!
 photo blog2_zpswbvjhena.jpg

 photo blog2photogs_zpsa1xvrzgw.jpg

Love this capture of Mimi & Jefferson’s relationship. They sure do love each other.

 photo blog14_zpsbxeor6rg.jpg

 photo blog15_zpssbjcqczj.jpg

 photo blog16_zps8unjjrpq.jpg

Finn Kids

Just sharing a peek into some pictures we took with some of our adorable friends before they moved away! We just adore these kids!
We snuck out right after church to snap these and I just love the memories we’ll always have of such cute little friends together.

 photo resizeblog1_zpsklolr2q4.jpg


 photo blog2photos_zpsbkm5vbf1.jpg

These girls are gorgeous.

 photo blog2photosd_zpspi3jpbic.jpg

They take after their beautiful mama.

 photo blog3resize_zpsyt9rvw6f.jpg

 photo bbbbbb_zps5dis1upm.jpg

Finn kids, We will miss you! Hope you have some awesome adventures in your new place! xoxo

 photo blog2phfffotos_zpscajjqtfi.jpg

Conk Family: Moscow Idaho Family Session

So happy I got to dust off my camera and take pictures for this sweet family! Just sharing a quick peek before my own little family heads out the door to look at Christmas lights.
 photo blog32res_zpsd1a9dpsf.jpg

I loved photographing Dustin & Mariah! They are beautiful & their genuine love is so easily seen & captured!
Couples like them inspire me to be more loving & kind! (You two rock!)

 photo blog38res_zpsjviq3syh.jpg
This little boy is too sweet. He was such a trooper in the cold. And he sure loves his Daddy. Love this so much.

 photo blog18res_zpsbiougiso.jpg

These kids earned the “best behaved for family photos” award! They made my job so easy!

 photo blog2phot7os_zpsu8skfxmp.jpg
Some favorites of mine…
 photo blog35_zpstnjzyv5c.jpg

 photo blog27_zps2ay05ch4.jpg

Conks, it was a treat to spend a little time with your beautiful family today! Thanks for inspiring others to be a little more loving & sweet! You really have such a great family & it’s always a treat to be around the 6 of you! xoxo

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