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Our besties are moving.

One of my best friends in Moscow is moving. I love her kids and her family like my own.
I am sad, but also excited for this awesome family to move closer to their amazing family!

Lyons- we love you!
Lizzy- Thank you for being a ray of sunshine for me when I needed it the most. For being such a good friend, for making me laugh, and for being my starbucks and sparkling water supplier. :)
Basically, thank you for being awesome! You are amazing!

Travel safe, friends! We love you! xoxo

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My Kids

Just sharing a peek into my own little cuties. Love these kids so much!
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Love this capture of Mimi & Jefferson’s relationship. They sure do love each other.

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Finn Kids

Just sharing a peek into some pictures we took with some of our adorable friends before they moved away! We just adore these kids!
We snuck out right after church to snap these and I just love the memories we’ll always have of such cute little friends together.

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These girls are gorgeous.

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They take after their beautiful mama.

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Finn kids, We will miss you! Hope you have some awesome adventures in your new place! xoxo

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UOP Graduation

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What a fun day to share! I can’t believe that these last 3 years just cruised by…Jeff is a dentist! I was so filled with emotion on graduation day….so proud of not only Jeff…but proud of my sweet girls for getting through 3 years of having such a busy daddy. I am so thankful for the experience of helping get my husband through dental school…I grew more as a person in those 3 years that I ever could have imagined. My relationship with my daughters feels even more rock solid because of the many late nights and weekends that Jeff was away studying…the many many many outings we went on with just us girls…Jeff was so busy that my girls went through a LOT with me. All of the shopping, chores, and cooking….park trips… the handled it all so well and I just can’t believe we did it!
Anyways, on to the pics… so proud of this guy!

 photo blog12_zps843b6a14.jpg
I was a little bit (ok a LOT BIT) sad that my 3 girls were so sick (with what we later found out was walking pneumonia) that they had to miss graduation….but happy that Jefferson and Jeff’s parents were able to make it!

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Jeff was lucky to have so many great friends…these guys are all gems.

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Proud parents!

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I love these girls! Miss them so much  too!

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AND….throwing in these last two pics….when we officially said goodbye to our lovely San Francisco after packing the house up. So sad. (Tears were shed, mostly by me) :)

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Legion of Honor

 photo blog1_zpse7691499.jpg
We met up with some friends at the Legion of Honor at the beginning of June. Boy, do I love that place!

 photo blog3_zpsa7112cf8.jpg
We walked the halls and I loved every second of that gorgeous art.
 photo blog2_zpsf4e9a12c.jpg
The kids never last that long, but it’s still a lot of fun.
San Francisco has so many fun places for me to visit with the kids. I just love it.

 photo blog24_zpsef858f68.jpg
Afterwards, we let the kids have fun outside & snapped a few pictures.

 photo blog21_zps78402afd.jpg
 photo blog26_zps21613c9e.jpg
I snuck a few in there of some good friends of mine too. I’m gonna miss these friends of mine! xoxo
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 photo blog16_zps103c1bae.jpg
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Lastly…a quick peek at how close we live to the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m gonna miss this so much!
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Grandparents … Great-Grandparents …Cousins

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Just a few snapshots from our trip last week to see grandparents, cousins & great-grandparents!
 photo blog4_zps77aac7a8.jpg
I love these people!
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Ghirardelli Square

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For my birthday, we spent the afternoon at Ghirardelli Square!
 photo blog12_zps3458a159.jpg

The funny thing was, even with all of the amazing smells of their chocolate treats…I didn’t even get anything. My awesome friends had spoiled me rotten that morning with a doughnut/cookie celebration. (Man, still thinking about those cookies! They were delish!)
 photo blog2photgos_zps3f711289.jpg
We bought tourist t-shirts, hopped on the parked trolley, got lucky pennies, and just had a beautiful afternoon as a family.
 photo blog6_zps20e322d3.jpg
 photo blog4_zps28ff7ef5.jpg
 photo blog1_zpsae00b356.jpg
 photo blog13_zps04784cef.jpg
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Such good memories.
 photo blog15_zpsf34d52b2.jpg
Stay away from that hat guy…he knows what he’s doing! :)
 photo blog16_zpsae1c0e76.jpg
 photo blog2phoftos_zpsae3a9958.jpg
Love this little family of mine. xoxo
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Japanese Tea Garden: Golden Gate Park

 photo blog2_zps61005c38.jpg

We had such a lovely time at the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park last week!

 photo blog4_zps771cff89.jpg

Check out our gang of moms! Love these girls! They are the best!

 photo blog6_zpsaf05dd44.jpg

I let Emma bring along her camera….cutest thing ever.

 photo blog2photos_zps2af42908.jpg

 photo blog5_zps25b93ac2.jpg

 photo bloig8_zpsc227d6a3.jpg
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Afterwards we checked out the fountains in the Music Concourse!

 photo blog13_zps2b0b4fa7.jpg
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 photo blog16_zpsd5198b02.jpg

I love these girls!
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 photo blog2phothos_zps9474cd78.jpg

 photo blog10_zpseb61b86a.jpg

Such a fun morning!

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Golden Gate Park Windmills

 photo blog2photos_zps93eab112.jpg
We had so much fun visiting the Golden Gate Park Windmills yesterday with some friends! The weather was perfect and it was just so much fun to let the kids frolic in the grass. I set a challenge for this last month of living in the city…I am going to bring my camera on more outings! Kinda hard when I’m lugging around 4 kids…but totally worth it. I absolutely love these captures….

 photo blog8_zps79dffb72.jpg

 photo blog9_zpsea92a86c.jpg
 photo blog10_zps806042ea.jpg

These sisters…looooove these….

 photo blog11_zpse163ce1c.jpg

Emma looks so beautiful here…love this girl…

 photo blog6_zpsdee4d3ed.jpg

 photo blog14_zps8e6e6827.jpg

And yep-…I have a whole lotta kids! Love this pic!

 photo blog2photoss_zps7da98ffb.jpg

And a few snaps of some of the great company we were with….

 photo blog19_zpse6a70831.jpg

 photo blog16_zpsc84783ee.jpg

 photo blog21_zps6c295ee9.jpg

Such a gorgeous San Francisco day! More adventures to come soon!

Veterans Day 2013: San Francisco National Cemetery

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I was so glad that we were able to make it to the beautiful San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio for our Veterans Day outing today.

 photo blog2_zps8114a430.jpg
What a beautiful place!

 photo blog3_zpsa60a93c6.jpg

The girls brought a few tiny flowers from home to place on graves….
(That’s Alcatraz out there!)
 photo blog4_zps612d48f9.jpg
and we were so happy that a few of our friends met us there. The kids loved playing together in such a beautiful, sweet setting.

 photo blog5_zps8de5b849.jpg
I am so thankful for the many brave men & women (and families!!) who have or are currently serving…they give up so much of their safety, their time…..basically their all to protect our country. So amazing what they sacrifice.

 photo blog6_zps2c2beb8e.jpg

These kids are too cute.

 photo blog7_zps5fc0624a.jpg

 photo blog8_zps9a261051.jpg

 photo blog9_zps887a5c7b.jpg

 photo blog10_zps37fa544e.jpg
Such fun!
 photo blog11_zps1ba810ac.jpg

 photo blog12_zps4d905a87.jpg
Hope you all had a lovely Veterans Day!
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