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Sam & Cassidy: Boise Idaho LDS Temple

Just sharing a peek into the next lovely celebration I got to photograph this weekend!
Sam & Cassidy were sealed in the Boise Temple!

 photo blog16_zpsfpbnlvde.jpg

The day started out with a downpour of rain. It was coming down so hard we could hardly drive! But thankfully, once we pulled up to the temple, there was only a light sprinkle. By the end of the evening, the sun was out and it really was perfect!
 photo blog2_zpsdjaaw4kq.jpg


 photo blog36_zpswvx5yt7t.jpg

 photo blog1_zpshoiijhlb.jpg
Such a beautiful couple.
 photo blog2photos_zpspsbs6huc.jpg

 photo blog2photoggggs_zpsie7lbiut.jpg

I loved how comfortable these two were in front of the camera. Made my job easy…just got to step back and photograph!
 photo blog44_zpsqvfumiho.jpg

 photo blog2photogs_zpszbg3o4tc.jpg

Love the peace I felt with these two beautiful people…So much love for each other.

 photo blog29_zpsjvtvg9uq.jpg

Cutest kids….ever!

 photo blog2phhhhotos_zpsmuf8szb8.jpg

One of my favorites…

 photo blog49_zpsyegy8bch.jpg

Congrats Sam & Cassidy! So happy to see a glimpse of the love you two have for each other & to see how happy you both are. You inspire me. xoxo

 photo blog2photssos_zpsrl3kjapw.jpg

Sneak Peek…A McCall Wedding

 photo blog2photos_zps0ji7ias2.jpg

Just sharing a little sneak peek of a very special wedding that I was lucky enough to photograph this weekend…

 photo blog2photo4s_zpsvgenfmbu.jpg

Jeff’s sister, Stefani….absolutely stunning…


 photo blog16-Recovered_zpseo8nwmz0.jpg


The most beautiful location for a wedding….with a thunderstorm rolling in and lighting flashing….it was truly amazing!

 photo blog20_zpsboifgqpd.jpg
 photo blog23_zpsbuuelvvh.jpg

Can’t wait to share more…but for now….this little peek will have to hold you over!

 photo blog50_zpsjvlv39vl.jpg
Stunning Stef….stunning!
 photo blog2phot5os_zpsfkmrxdcs.jpg

Chris & Kalei: Presidio & Golden Gate Bridge Session

 photo blog23_zpsb04a387a.jpg

I have way too many good things to say about this couple…I really just adore them… they are so in love…so sweet…so kind…but I guess I will just let the pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!

 photo blog16bw_zps8d8dde25.jpg

 photo blog18_zps0942afeb.jpg

 photo blog2photos_zps096698be.jpg

 photo blog26_zps04f93209.jpg

 photo blog15_zps9bcbd137.jpg

And just cause it’s my favorite…we’ll end with this one.

 photo blog7_zpse4bf40c4.jpg



Dan & Natalie: Having a baby!

 photo blog2_zpse8581ae1.jpg
Love that I got to photograph these two friends of mine…they are so sweet & our family just adores them….and I am SO SO SO happy for them because they are expecting their first baby!
 photo blog1_zps1a89b3ba.jpg
Love everything about this picture!
 photo blog6_zpsd5f2f9a0.jpg
Natalie is so fun. Love the watermelon idea!
 photo blog4_zps7393a4c2.jpg

 photo blog10bw_zpsf1a8a6f6.jpg
 photo blog12_zpsa5f832c3.jpg
 photo blog14_zps79b4f767.jpg
And we’ll end with my favorite…(sorry guys…I just always love a good kissing picture!) :)
 photo blog15_zps3fc83943.jpg

The Eatros Family

 photo blog24_zps5204475e.jpg

Loved every second of this session! This family is too adorable! Mom and Dad look like models and this little fella was the sweetest. We had a lot of fun walking around downtown to some great locations that Adam had scouted out! Love love love all of these….

 photo blog14_zps8ef5da4f.jpg
Karalee and Adam- seriously…you two are way too gorgeous!
 photo blog15_zpsc89d2daf.jpg
 photo blog22_zps583a0f09.jpg

Love these. Such a cute little boy!
 photo blog20_zps3ed9077a.jpg

 photo blog13_zps013ee01f.jpg photo blog17_zpsb4d472de.jpg
 photo blog18_zpsf6c1d6b9.jpg
 photo blog9_zps7d4aa1e3.jpg
 photo blog8_zps12f41552.jpg
 photo blog6_zps73fc61ca.jpg

 photo blog27_zps7c25443b.jpg
 photo blog30_zpsdb8f51df.jpg
 photo blog33_zps8004917c.jpg
 photo blog34_zps8092af99.jpg
 photo blog36_zpsfcd9afa0.jpg
 photo blog38_zpsc3f6fde0.jpg

Favorite right here….

 photo blog41_zpsb7550bd6.jpg
 photo blog42_zpse86065fc.jpg

Kailey & Nathan: Ferry Building San Francisco Engagement Session

 photo blog2photos_zpsaaa71a0e.jpg
Love this session so much! All of these location spots are stunning…and this couple is adorable together!
I love love looooooove this lovely city I live in!
 photo blog10_zps1c040fa3.jpg

I love the scenery at Crissy Field! Always makes for some gorgeous pictures…
 photo blog2photoqs_zps0874af6b.jpg

(Especially when the couple is this beautiful!!)

 photo blog18bw_zpsbbba5b66.jpg

love it!

 photo blog15_zps71b58086.jpg

 photo blog19_zps43ff25b0.jpg

And a little outfit and location change…

 photo blog34_zpsb8298174.jpg

 photo blog33_zpsd651b6ed.jpg

I love these…so fun…


 photo blog32_zps59ea98a4.jpg

 photo blog35_zps8049f4c9.jpg

 photo blog2photAos_zps980805fb.jpg

 photo blog30_zps6fb969d1.jpg

Kailey looked so gorgeous! Love her heels too!

 photo blog26_zps061e62f5.jpg
 photo blog2photasos_zps9b325a56.jpg

 photo blog2photsssos_zps4720c843.jpg
Congrats you two! Happy Wedding Planning!



 photo blog44bw_zps0ff978ea.jpg

Erika & Jensen: San Francisco Maternity Session

 photo blog16copy_zps30ed3d05.jpg
So happy to share this beautiful Maternity session! This couple is gorgeous and so in love… They are expecting their first, a little girl, and she is one lucky baby. She is already so loved and has two of the most-fun parents around!
 photo blog14_zps2fc27266.jpg
We met up by Pier 7 and had fun walking around to find these gorgeous spots. San Francisco was sunny and gave us such pretty light to shoot in.. I love all of these…
 photo blog13copy_zps8736a0a6.jpg
But this next one definitely wins as my favorite!

 photo blog20_zps116e47b4.jpg
So. Gorgeous.
 photo blog2photoscopy_zpsa2a8003c.jpg
Erika looked stunning and I love how easy it is to see how Jensen just adores her. I love people in love!
 photo blog28bw_zps08956959.jpg
 photo blog27bw_zps3ea3ff07.jpg

So many fun places..

 photo blog7copy_zpsddf9d93c.jpg
I love this city!
 photo blog2photos_zpsa8761db3.jpg
Erika & Jensen! Congrats on your baby girl! So excited for you two!
 photo blog1scopy_zpsef65dd41.jpg
 photo blog29_zpsd9c0bb75.jpg

 photo blog22bw_zps0ec1485a.jpg

Amy & Bryan: San Francisco Maternity Session: Sutro Bath Ruins

I adore everything about this next session!
From the sun, to the ruins, to the baby bump….(plus check out this insanely gorgeous couple!)…everything was perfect!
Amy is so gorgeous! She wears pregnancy so well!




Thanks for spending the eve with me, Bryan & Amy! Congrats on your little girl! Can’t wait to meet her!!

A day in Newport Beach: A Tonya Joy Wedding

Just sharing a quick peek into a beautiful Tonya Joy wedding that I was lucky enough to photograph in November! I love it when my sis invites me along to be second shooter at a wedding with her! She is amazing and I always love time spent with her! It was a great day! And this couple is soooooo gorgeous! Enjoy!

Lisa & Kenley : A San Francisco Subway Shoot

Just sharing a quick peek into this super-fun session I had downtown with this lovely couple!
We went down into the subway for a few of these …so much fun!

Lisa is supermodel gorgeous… I could take pictures of that girl all day not and not get tired of it…she is so stunning!
And down into the subway we go…

I love the heart that the couple makes with this next one…

Perfect timing with the door!

Such beautiful people…

Get ready for stunning…

Lisa, you are so so so beautiful!

And we couldn’t do San Francisco without the beautiful golden gate bridge… love these…

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