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First off, just sharing these gorgeous babies that Tonya & I just photographed. Twin brothers. Sweet as can be.
Aren’t they beautiful?

Now, on to the fun! I’m having a contest!
One lucky winner will receive a free session with me…

So, how do you enter to win?
1. All you need to do is hop on over to facebook and become a fan of Gena Susan Photography.

Want your name to be entered twice?
Just leave me some love on your blog with a link to my website ( Then, email me your blog address.

Yep, it’s that easy.

*Session to take place in 2010 in California.  Email for more details.


A Sunday evening…

Couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures of my adorable nephew, Andrew, and his beautiful Mama.

Tammy is my sweet sister, who is, and always has been, a dear friend to me.
She is a talented, loving Mama…and as you can see…Andrew adores her!

Love his lips. So perfectly cute!

He is the perfect blend of his gorgeous Mama & handsome Daddy…

Love you little Andrew boy.
Auntie Gena

Robert and Heidi

Hello friends. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
I’m just peeking in to share some images of a gorgeous couple that I met up with last week.

Meet Heidi.

She’s gorgeous. Beautiful. Stunning. Nice. And she’s talented.

Heidi is the owner/designer of Zenadia Design. Check her out. She’s got some really pretty stuff on her blog/site and she has a great eye for design! Really, go.. check her out!

Next up, meet Heidi’s handsome hubby, Robert. I’ve only met up with Heidi’s husband a handful of times, but he’s great! Super nice and really fun. (And he treats Heidi like a gem! I love that.)

I was super thrilled to meet up with these two for a fun couple’s session.

They are just plain gorgeous. Don’t you think?

We met up at a new location that I have been eyeing for a bit –and I loved it. Great sun and trees.


My favorite part about meeting up with couples is watching how they interact with one another. Heidi and Robert are genuine, fun, and super sweet to each other. They are in LOVE! Can’t you tell?

Like I said, They are JUST PLAIN GORGEOUS!

Tons of photos ahead, so just sit back, and enjoy!

I invited my friend, Emily, to come along with her camera. She was so much fun to have…and she brought along this awesome red balloon. Isn’t it fun?

Robert & Heidi, I can’t thank you two enough! Thanks for being fabulous!

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