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happy birthday emma.

My own little Princess turned 3 today. We had a Sleeping Beauty party…lots of fun.

I am so thankful to have this sweet little girl in my life. She is such a love.

And the winner is….

Thanks to all who entered to win a FREE SESSION!
Between facebook and blogs, there were 101 entries.

Now first off, before I announce the winner, I want to give you all a little something sweet!

For anyone who entered the giveaway….I am offering  10% off any session booked in 2010.

Now, on to the winner of the FREE SESSION!

I created a numbered file of all those who entered…then used to generate a winner:


The winner is… # 55!

And #55 was…

Michelle Clift!

Congratulations Michelle! Send me an email and we can talk about scheduling your session!

And just because a post is never as fun without a picture…one more of cute little Ada.

A is for Ada.

Meet Ada. The sweetest little angel baby.

I’ve known this little girl’s daddy since I was 13-ish….and her Mama since I was 17. So fun to meet this little angel of theirs!

She is such a doll!

Perfect little girl.

Look at those lips!

And one of my favorite’s from the session…Ada and her Mama. Love.

Just a reminder….there’s only one more day to enter the contest to WIN A FREE SESSION with me! (Get the details HERE.) A winner will be picked TOMORROW! Hop on over to facebook …to be entered to win.

My own little minnie.

No Halloween costume here…my little Emma just loves to dress up.

My babe.

There is nothing quite as beautiful as a sleeping baby.

This is my little one, Gweneth. She is my baby, my sweet, sweet baby.

My favorite thing about my little Gwennie are her kisses and hugs.

She showers us with them and warms our hearts.

I love you, my little one.

Love, Mama

Tonya & Co

I am so lucky to have such a great family. Each one of my sisters are kind, loving, and gorgeous! (and my one lone brother goes along with those things too!) Over Thanksgiving week I was Lucky enough to photograph my sister Tonya & her family. I had a blast & it’s always easy taking pictures when people are just plain gorgeous!
Sit back and enjoy a super long post filled with tons of purty photos!

First off, Jason and Tonya. We ventured out and found the light I love…oh warm buttery goodness!

It was inspiring for me to see how sweet Tonya & Jason were to each other. My job was easy, no posing for these two…they were just really this cute and in love!

Love it!

Hello gorgeous!

My personal favorite from the night…

Now be prepared for some super cute wardrobe…Tonya has such good taste!

A few days later… the whole family packed up and we headed to a local winery. The silly thing was that it had been gorgeous, sunny, and warm all week…but this day, the sun decided to hide. Even though it was freezing cold (OK..OK…, I’m from California…freezing cold for me *smile*) the kids were troopers & we made the best of it! We even got a few sprinkles of rain on the drive home!


Like I said. Gorgeous! Don’t Tonya & Jason look fabulous …and parents of 4!

Love these two. They are so in love.

Sweet little Adam boy.


 Be prepared for some super cute boots…yep…

…and some super cute loving for Mom….


We ended the day with Tonya & Jason…and let me tell you……they worked it!


Love Jason in this hat! Reminds me of some old-hollywood actor…

…and Tonya even had a turn…


 Oh, and I will be drawing a winner for the FREE SESSION sometime next week. There’s still time to enter…so hop on over here to hear the details.

The End!

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