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Ben & Alissa

Talk about a cute couple…these two are ridiculously cute! No doubt in my mind that they were made for each other! Ben is just gearing up to start med school…I know he will do super well with Alissa by his side. She is seriously one of the sweetest girls I know…kind, bubbly, fun, and after reading her blog/facebook…I have come to the conclusion that she should win the “most-fun-mommy-of-the-year-” award :)

Alissa- you are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

Love how playful these two are!

Simply a beautiful couple. The end.

David & Allie : Wedding

Oh, where do I start with these two? They are simply gorgeous & so in love. Every detail of this Tonya Joy wedding was gorgeous and I was so glad that I was able to assist … The day started out with Allie getting ready…. (can you spot me & Tonya in some of these?)

Allie & David were married at the California Newport Beach Temple. The day was gorgeous & sunny and these two were surrounded by family members and loved ones.

Allie was a drop-dead-gorgeous kind of bride!

Next they were off to their luncheon held at the Tommy Bahama Restaurant. The food there is delicious!

On to a beautifully lit reception and ring ceremony…

They made their exit through a line of sparklers!

And that, my friends, is the end to a perfect day!

Gabe & Meisha

I think these two are just beautiful. Gabe is my husband’s brother. He is kind, generous, and really fun. He married Meisha last year and I think they make the most perfect couple! Meisha is gorgeous, sweet, caring…and absolutely beautiful.

I took these over Christmas …there was a bit of snow on the ground. (Something new for me…shooting in snow! Still got to find that warm buttery light though!)
It was such a treat to watch these two together.  They have kind hearts and have given each other so much love.

Gabe & Meish- Thanks for not only being awesome friends to Jeff & I…but for also loving our kids! You two are amazing! xoxo

a series of sneaks…

I’m just back from a lovely Christmas vacation! We enjoyed the snow, each other, and lots of family & to top it off,
I had quite a few fun opportunities to photograph some beautiful people throughout all of it!

I’ve got a huge pile of laundry calling my name…so in the mean time, enjoy a few sneak peeks!

Full blog posts to follow soon…

First off, a beautiful Tonya Joy wedding I assisted with.

1. Allie & David

2. During our own little family vacation…my little Emma got a few violin lessons from Grandma.

3. Gabe & Meisha 

I got to hang out with this stunning couple in the snow… (Meisha is simply ….gorgeous.)

4. Alan & Karina

I had so much fun assisting with this beautiful Tonya Joy wedding. Alan & Karina were lovely …


5. Ben & Alissa 

And from my most recent session- this adorable couple who is so in love.

Be back soon with much more!


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