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just one.

I have so many beautiful sessions to share with you. I promise…I will share them soon…but for now, just one from today.

The man I love so dearly…holding our little one.

I love everything about this picture. And everything in it.

be back soon.

my heart smiles.

Where would I be without these two?
They are everything to me. They make my heart smile.

Can’t get enough of how silly this last one is… I love everything about it!


Simply beautiful.

Be back soon with more of these two lovebirds.

Stephanie & Kaylee

I can’t get over how cute this little one is!

But then again, looking at her gorgeous mother…how could she be anything else!
It was lovely to photograph a family who I’ve known for so long. They are kind and sweet and I just …love them!
Wish that daddy could have been here…but he is serving our country and is away at basic training.
I admire how strong Stephanie has been while he has been away. She is lovely and graceful…and is such a good mother.

And yup, Stephanie is g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s!

A beautiful mother & daughter…so much fun for me to photograph. :)

And…my favorite of this little lady…

a sneak…

Do you know what happens when you take a handsome fellow…

and pair him with his beautiful lady?


Can’t wait to share this pretty family session with you all…
…be back soon…

Just love.

My little Gwen.
I can’t imagine my life without her. The little “peacemaker” of our home.
She always has a kiss on her lips to share and a hug to give.

She looks so much like her Daddy in this set of photos…

Such a treat to be able to capture her in a photograph…to freeze in time what she looks like as she giggles…or as she wiggles her cute little toes…

Sweet Samantha

There are certain times in life when I just can’t help but smile because of how lucky I am.
I think this little girl feels the same way.

Little Samantha is so loved. She is held close by her loving mother…kept warm by her embrace…

I love the simple beauty that is in the bond between mother and child.

Such a beautiful thing…aren’t these two both lucky to have each other…

Speaking of beauty…have you noticed Samantha’s gorgeous mother?

Stunning if you ask me!

It was such a treat for me to photograph such a sweet family…they invited me into their lovely home and were so warm & gracious.

And this little girl is just plain adorable!

This was a bit of an “outtake” if you will, but…actually one of my favorites…

And lastly, my personal favorite…look at that face! Love it!

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