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Matt, Kara & Ada!

I really just love everything about this session….

From the couple…

…to the vintage touches…(don’t you just love the baby buggy that I scored off of craigslist!?)

…and this baby…i just love this baby…she is such a doll!

Do you remember Ada? I photographed her when she was just a wee-lil-babe…She’s grown so much!

Matt & Kara have a beautiful family…
It was a treat for me to photograph them…just being themselves…loving on their babe…and enjoying each other…

Kara, you are so beautiful girl!

I love Ada in this next one…
…and this one too…ok… basically I love Ada in every picture!

Matt & Kara are total hotties…

It’s no surprise that their baby turned out so adorable!
(Kara’s amazing sis, Lindsay, worked her hair…if you need a cute do…she is your go-to-girl! You can contact Linds at


yup yup….like I said…hotties…

I love this next series…


Ada is so adorable & lovable! Each time I photographed Kara & Matt alone as a couple…Ada got to hang out in my arms! I was trying to explain to Kara how I thought that Ada felt like the perfect mix of chubbiness & cuddliness…and Kara stated it perfectly…Ada is squishy! She really is….the perfect little bundle of squish!

It’s so refreshing to see the love that a baby brings to a family…their whole lives become centered around this little gift from heaven…It’s lovely to see!

Kara & Matt, your family is beautiful! It was a treat for me to spend the evening with the three of you!
Enjoy your cute little squishy baby! :)

Wedding: Jenn + Byron

Just a few of my favorites from this totally fantastic Tonya Joy wedding that I assisted with!

Jenn & Byron…these two are gorgeous together…


Jenn and her girls are total hotties!

…the whole wedding party was just fun!

Are you kidding me Jenn!? You are so pretty!

Byron’s not too shabby either :)

Like I said, Jenn + Byron= Gorgeous.

The End

love love love!

Just a peek at a session that I love everything about! The baby….the couple….the buggy….the bow tie….everything!
Be back soon with more of this adorable baby, hubby and hot-fergie-look-a-like mama!

Be back soon!

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