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Megan: Senior Session

Megan …Megan…Megan. Where do I start!? You are soooooo gorgeous!

(Enjoy a peek into this gorgeous girl’s senior session with me. Our appointment was for little over an hour…but I think I could have photographed her all day…she was stunning!)


Cessily & Tom: Married

Just sharing a peek into Cessily & Tom’s beautiful wedding! These two were married at the Newport Beach LDS Temple. I was so happy to have Tonya Joy alongside me to shoot this fun wedding.

I love all of the details of the day….

…that come together…

…to make the day, lovely….beautiful…and perfect.

Cessily and Tom are beautiful.

Cessily, you are gorgeous!

I always love to photograph a couple….to capture the little things they do that speak so clearly of how they feel for each other. The little touches, laughs, soft kisses, the way the groom looks at his bride…. I am always honored to witness, to capture those moments. Those looks. Those feelings.

Cessily & Tom-You two are beautiful! Thank you for inviting me to be present to capture your moments, memories & love! Congrats you two!

Miranda & Jordan: Hitched, (last year!)

I love this couple. They are hot hot hot…and they kinda met on my blog. (long story, but it’s a rad one!) I was so happy I got to take pics of these two during their short visit in California last month! (These two just moved from Brazil…to China!)

I love my cute little train station location :)

Miranda…you are hot hot hot.

MJ & Jordan- good luck in China! We will miss you two! xoxo

just plain pretty.

Just sharing a peek into my sister’s adorable little family.
Tammy….she is gorgeous inside & out. I took these pics just a few days before these 3 moved away….I miss them…but love that I still get to see them often for visits!

My favorite memories from being a kid always include you tammy….everything from sleeping bags, falling out of bed, “the man in the window”, and mustard sandwiches in the field…those silly little moments mean so much to me…they remind me of the fun we had …I am lucky to have you sister! :)

I love this next series…

red hot: a family session

I love this family! They are so stinkin hot…red hot!

I knew Brittany growing up…she is beautiful inside & out and I think the world of her! It was my first time meeting her hubby & baby during the session…and I couldn’t be any happier for the 3 of them! They are the perfect little family!

We shot at two abandoned houses…and a friend of mine let us borrow her Cutlass…that car is amazing! So gorgeous…so red!

Hudson…this little guy is adorable! He’ll be turning one in just a few days.


Brittany, you are so hot!

Brit, you owned this session…


Brit, Nat, & Hudson…Thanks for spending the afternoon with me…you three are gorgeous. xoxo

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