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The H Fam

Just sharing a quick peek into this beautiful family’s session! Mama is a talented (and gorgeous!!!) artist, Father is a very-soon-to-be dentist, and the kids are the sweetest! (Not a single cry or complaint out of either one of them the whole session. They were so happy and chill!) Enjoy!

I love little details!

And cute babies…

And adorable little boys named Lucas!

O.K….I think I just loved everything about this session. :)

Baby Elliot is so so so cute!

One of my favorites coming right up…

Love these next few…

Loved capturing all of the little smiles & laughs of this sweet family…

Love these of Mama & Son…so precious..

And I couldn’t have a session without some fun ones with just mom & dad! Loved this series of these two beautiful people! (And Lindsay- wowzers, hottie alert!)

And we’ll end it off with the last 3 pics that represent this family in a nutshell: fun, sweet, close, …and lots of love!

Lindsay & Enos- Congrats on the beautiful family & kids! I wish you all the best! xoxo gena

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