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Baby Ryan

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Just sharing a peek into this adorable little newborn session. This little guy was so sweet and has such a great, loving family. Loved spending some time with these good, beautiful people and getting to witness the love that they have for their two boys. Candace and Mike, Congrats on the beautiful new one! You two have a lovely family! xoxo Gena
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A little bird told me…

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So happy to share OUR special news!
The pictures say it all!

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(Thank you to Pinterest for some super cute ideas!)

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(Can you tell we are so EXCITED!)
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(P.S. Isn’t this sign the cutest! A huge thank you to my friend, Jillian, who worked her magic on that big chalkboard! Love it so much!)

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And of course a HUGE thank you to my friend, Kalei, who took these amazing pictures for us!

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Baby Luke

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This little baby boy was so precious! And he has the sweetest parents who just adore him.
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Love that little smile!

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So much joy and love surround this little man. It is beautiful to see.


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Congrats to you both, Sarah & Mike! Luke is perfect! xoxo

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