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Kevin & Jessica: Presidio of San Francisco Family Session

 photo blog12_zps6225fc98.jpg
I loved getting together for this family session!
Kevin, Jessica, and Ruth make such a beautiful family… love the feel of these images so much…

 photo blog3_zps4090f987.jpg
It was fun to have Maizey, the family dog, along for the session too! She was so good!
 photo blog1_zps8806ab4b.jpg
I loved capturing how much these two adore little Ruth. She is so loved & well taken care of.

 photo blog13_zps66862481.jpg

 photo BLOG2w2_zps95dfd00a.jpg
Ruth is such a cutie!
 photo blog6bw_zps3b5143df.jpg
 photo blog16_zps82668e54.jpg
 photo blog8_zps2255e162.jpg photo blog7_zps001fc41b.jpg
 photo blog17bw_zps04c4814c.jpg

 photo blog19_zpsc49d0251.jpg

 photo blog23bw_zpsf24c0f7b.jpg


Always love getting to photograph such a beautiful couple.
 photo blog2photcos_zpse12faf6d.jpg

And we’ll end with three of my favorites! I love the fun feel of these!

 photo blog30_zpsc1218717.jpg
Jessica, you are so so so gorgeous!
 photo blog29_zps2be0799f.jpg


 photo blog31_zpsc82ff79f.jpg

Erika & Jensen: San Francisco Maternity Session

 photo blog16copy_zps30ed3d05.jpg
So happy to share this beautiful Maternity session! This couple is gorgeous and so in love… They are expecting their first, a little girl, and she is one lucky baby. She is already so loved and has two of the most-fun parents around!
 photo blog14_zps2fc27266.jpg
We met up by Pier 7 and had fun walking around to find these gorgeous spots. San Francisco was sunny and gave us such pretty light to shoot in.. I love all of these…
 photo blog13copy_zps8736a0a6.jpg
But this next one definitely wins as my favorite!

 photo blog20_zps116e47b4.jpg
So. Gorgeous.
 photo blog2photoscopy_zpsa2a8003c.jpg
Erika looked stunning and I love how easy it is to see how Jensen just adores her. I love people in love!
 photo blog28bw_zps08956959.jpg
 photo blog27bw_zps3ea3ff07.jpg

So many fun places..

 photo blog7copy_zpsddf9d93c.jpg
I love this city!
 photo blog2photos_zpsa8761db3.jpg
Erika & Jensen! Congrats on your baby girl! So excited for you two!
 photo blog1scopy_zpsef65dd41.jpg
 photo blog29_zpsd9c0bb75.jpg

 photo blog22bw_zps0ec1485a.jpg

Baby Dean: Presidio of San Francisco Newborn Session

 photo blog15_zps7e2a6e1a.jpg
This little boy is so sweet. And I adore every single one of these pictures.
 photo blog5_zps6b3d2e17.jpg
Kristin and Justin were so brave and met up with me at 6:30 AM to catch some beautiful morning light. And I am so glad we did! The light was gorgeous!
 photo blog2photos_zps027b523b.jpg
I really love every single thing about these….such a beautiful family…
 photo blog2phostos_zpsfdef9fa6.jpg
Just beautiful…
 photo blog10bw_zps71f840bc.jpg
Baby Dean is so loved!
 photo blog2phot3os_zps4ae3d935.jpg
Love this one…
 photo blog8_zps3fe530b1.jpg
 photo blog17copy_zps5dc942f4.jpg
And we’ll end with one of my favorites! It’s not fair to look this good at 6:30 am! You are gorgeous, Kristin!
 photo blog23_zpsddf22a2e.jpg

Spring Break

Just sharing a few photos from our super fun Spring Break. One of our favorite things we did was visit Oso Flaco Lake! If you ever have the chance to visit, do it!
 photo blog2_zpsae9d9a22.jpg
 photo blog1_zps73f556b4.jpg
 photo blog2photos_zpsbe278375.jpg

 photo blog6_zps484ff1db.jpg

 photo blog9_zps8c7b5738.jpg
 photo blog11_zps0b97f98c.jpg

 photo blog2photogs_zpsf73166c2.jpg photo blog16_zps60284a82.jpg
 photo blog2photoas_zpse0f9ec85.jpg

 photo blog21bw_zps8a9487be.jpg
 photo blog20_zpscc3d0a6b.jpg
 photo blog18_zps4c653950.jpg photo blog23_zps5cd78f86.jpg photo blog22_zps18ac6b52.jpg

 photo blog24_zps2b840ee1.jpg photo blog2photos_zps069c60be.jpg
 photo blog15_zps5d67cdfd.jpg
 photo blog5_zpsabe71602.jpg
 photo blog2_zps727c0b7e.jpg

 photo blog8_zps35e1f1a6.jpg

Our Easter Morning.

 photo blog1-7_zpsb98f688c.jpg
Just sharing a peek into our fun Easter-Bunny morning. The kids had so much fun this year. I love these little ones so much. xoxo
 photo blog3-5_zps7342535c.jpg
 photo blog15_zpsb7023d18.jpg
 photo blog12_zpsd962ffc8.jpg
 photo blog13-1_zps2e776c6c.jpg
 photo blog11_zps6953fea0.jpg
 photo blog14_zpsd7efbece.jpg
 photo blog9-1_zpsb118e56f.jpg

 photo blogg7_zpsde6060b9.jpg
 photo blog5-2_zpsd37cf823.jpg

Melissa and Kids: Lompoc Family Session

I really just love everything about this next session! Meet Melissa. Super cute, talented photographer who was willing to literally meet up at the light of dawn for these pictures. These were taken just a few minutes after Sunrise.
 photo blog1_zpsfa25b2bd.jpg
And seriously, Melissa, I don’t know how you look so gorgeous this early in the morning…but you just do!
 photo blog4_zpsd30248ac.jpgThese kids are so cute!
 photo blog5_zps150994a3.jpg
 photo blog10_zps950faccf.jpg
Love this next series! Mamma and her boy!
 photo blog2photos_zps79e9f07c.jpg
Perfect idea for Father’s Day! This Dad is gonna love his surprise!
 photo blog2photosg_zps9b2570fe.jpg
 photo blog2photojs_zps67f5ecf0.jpg
My favorite pic right here… So much beauty in this…

 photo blog28_zpse540ef32.jpg
 photo blog33_zps20362dce.jpg And I must say that I am so impressed by these kids. It was early, freezing, and wet from the fog…but they still kept upbeat & were sweet as can be.
 photo blog2photzos_zps45392e94.jpg
Loved all of these!
 photo blog39_zps4764b8d2.jpg

Linda & Girls: Los Alamos Family Session

I loved photographing these beautiful girls while I was down in Santa Barbara Co.
We met up in a quaint little town called Los Alamos, and I love the feeling in every single one of these!

 photo blog6_zpsbf5345d6.jpg

 photo blog2photos_zpsca1fe6fa.jpg
Linda is a beautiful person, inside and out, and her two girls are the sweetest.
 photo blog14_zpsae3fd86e.jpg

 photo blog11_zps6822e5b9.jpgSuch beauty. Linda adores her girls and it is so plain to see that they adore her right back.
 photo blog17_zps9a64900c.jpg
Love love love these!
 photo blog20_zps6dc5bd6a.jpg
I was so excited when I heard that Linda was getting her hair and makeup done by Brittany Kaye She has such a talent.
 photo blog2photzos_zps180e52b8.jpg

And we’ll end with two of my favorites! This Mama is absolutely stunning!
 photo blog2photobs_zpsf39140de.jpg

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