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Nick & Kim: GG Bridge & Palace of Fine Arts Family Session

Love this family! And they have the cutest little girl, Nora, who just shined the whole session.  photo blog6bw_zpsc6e00edf.jpg photo blog3_zps93337b77.jpg photo blog2_zpsab77729b.jpg
 photo blog5_zps812ffc36.jpg

 photo blog4_zpsd8a524f5.jpg
…truly beautiful people inside & out.

 photo blog9_zps31af51da.jpg
 photo blog12_zps3d40ff0f.jpg
 photo blog13_zps488a988b.jpg
 photo blog14_zps675cfc8d.jpg
 photo blog15_zps6bcd395a.jpg
Always love the Palace of Fine Arts…so much beauty there…
 photo blog29_zps83834589.jpg
 photo blog30_zps5ee127b9.jpg
 photo blog31_zps23f6d54e.jpg
 photo blog25_zps4b9d657a.jpg
 photo blog2photos_zps95b17808.jpg

Had to share this next one…caught this one by accident…but I love how much Nora adores her Mama.
 photo blog17_zps75593b34.jpg

 photo blog23_zps9f8b9c21.jpg
Loved all of the spots you guys picked!!
 photo blog32_zps86276ee8.jpg

 photo blog34bw_zpseaa9414a.jpg


Dan & Natalie: Having a baby!

 photo blog2_zpse8581ae1.jpg
Love that I got to photograph these two friends of mine…they are so sweet & our family just adores them….and I am SO SO SO happy for them because they are expecting their first baby!
 photo blog1_zps1a89b3ba.jpg
Love everything about this picture!
 photo blog6_zpsd5f2f9a0.jpg
Natalie is so fun. Love the watermelon idea!
 photo blog4_zps7393a4c2.jpg

 photo blog10bw_zpsf1a8a6f6.jpg
 photo blog12_zpsa5f832c3.jpg
 photo blog14_zps79b4f767.jpg
And we’ll end with my favorite…(sorry guys…I just always love a good kissing picture!) :)
 photo blog15_zps3fc83943.jpg

baby tyler

So happy that I got to go visit my new nephew, Tyler! He is precious!

 photo blog6bw_zpsa812f996.jpg

And it is always fun to shoot alongside my amazing sis, Tonya Joy. She has such a wealth of knowledge and talent…love it!

 photo blog4bw_zpsa5db7174.jpg

 photo blog9_zpsd60bd8b3.jpg

Cutest little boy.
 photo blog11_zps70e6f1d4.jpg

What a cutie! Love him so much!
 photo blog12_zps43f13f97.jpg

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