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David & Mikel: Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Bridge Family Session

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Another adorable family! Such sweet kiddos and beautiful parents. Loved our location too…the palace was gorgeous!

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Love how much these two love their new baby sister…so much sweetness here…

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Mikel is so stunning…I could photograph her all day…

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Always love to steal a few couple shots… these two are gorgeous…

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Love the simplicity of this next one…

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This little girl is a doll. Penny, you are too cute.

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And a few from the beach!

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Amber & Jordan: Presidio & Golden Gate Bridge Family Session

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Another adorable family!
And Oh, this baby boy! He is such a cutie! Little Milo!!!

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He gave us some of the most adorable little smiles & cute faces…
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Such a beautiful couple… love this light too!

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Amber put together so many great details! Loved outfit choices!

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Favorites coming up next…

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Oh, this little boy. Such a cutie!

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So much beauty & love in this family…

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Alex & Molly: Legion of Honor & Golden Gate Bridge Family Session

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Love this family!
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They have 3 of the cutest kids…

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…and I adore the bond that these two sisters have! So adorable!

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The Legion of Honor is one of my all-time favorite SF spots. So beautiful. So clean. Just love this location!

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 photo blog14_zps7a05ed62.jpg
Next up, the Golden Gate Bridge!
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Sweet little Lewis…

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Love all of these…
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Fryer Family: Legion of Honor and Fort Point Family Session

Love this family to pieces! Pictures say it all…they are adorable, so in love, so fun, and just the cutest!
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 photo blog1_zps94fbdf4c.jpg
I love this location. So clean, gorgeous, and perfect for a family session.
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Katelyn is such a sweetie. Love how she shines in these…
 photo blog17_zpsda2b2e75.jpg
 photo blog14_zpsbbc5ae02.jpg
Such a gorgeous couple.
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Next we headed to Fort Point to finish the session. A few of my favorites coming up next…

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Love love love these…
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 photo blog28_zpsea7a1668.jpg

Love how happy this family is.
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Veterans Day 2013: San Francisco National Cemetery

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I was so glad that we were able to make it to the beautiful San Francisco National Cemetery in the Presidio for our Veterans Day outing today.

 photo blog2_zps8114a430.jpg
What a beautiful place!

 photo blog3_zpsa60a93c6.jpg

The girls brought a few tiny flowers from home to place on graves….
(That’s Alcatraz out there!)
 photo blog4_zps612d48f9.jpg
and we were so happy that a few of our friends met us there. The kids loved playing together in such a beautiful, sweet setting.

 photo blog5_zps8de5b849.jpg
I am so thankful for the many brave men & women (and families!!) who have or are currently serving…they give up so much of their safety, their time…..basically their all to protect our country. So amazing what they sacrifice.

 photo blog6_zps2c2beb8e.jpg

These kids are too cute.

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 photo blog10_zps37fa544e.jpg
Such fun!
 photo blog11_zps1ba810ac.jpg

 photo blog12_zps4d905a87.jpg
Hope you all had a lovely Veterans Day!
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Mckinlie & Blake: Baker Beach Family Session

I adored this family session! Such beautiful, sweet people.
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And little Finley is really just the cutest! 

 photo blog7_zps1f37f61f.jpg

Love this so much!

 photo blog4w_zps3fdc32aa.jpg
 photo blog6w_zps5de1a5cc.jpg

Such a happy little family!

 photo blog2_zps8b6bb048.jpg

Mckinlie is soooooo gorgeous. Love these next few of her & Blake…

 photo blog11_zps759ef22e.jpg
 photo blog12_zps2bfce5ca.jpg
 photo blog10_zpse051ff74.jpg

 photo blog14_zpse4a50701.jpg
A quick wardrobe change and we headed to Mckinlie & Blake’s place to finish off the session…love how adorable this home is!
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