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Legion of Honor

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We met up with some friends at the Legion of Honor at the beginning of June. Boy, do I love that place!

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We walked the halls and I loved every second of that gorgeous art.
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The kids never last that long, but it’s still a lot of fun.
San Francisco has so many fun places for me to visit with the kids. I just love it.

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Afterwards, we let the kids have fun outside & snapped a few pictures.

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I snuck a few in there of some good friends of mine too. I’m gonna miss these friends of mine! xoxo
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Lastly…a quick peek at how close we live to the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m gonna miss this so much!
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Grandparents … Great-Grandparents …Cousins

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Just a few snapshots from our trip last week to see grandparents, cousins & great-grandparents!
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I love these people!
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Ghirardelli Square

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For my birthday, we spent the afternoon at Ghirardelli Square!
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The funny thing was, even with all of the amazing smells of their chocolate treats…I didn’t even get anything. My awesome friends had spoiled me rotten that morning with a doughnut/cookie celebration. (Man, still thinking about those cookies! They were delish!)
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We bought tourist t-shirts, hopped on the parked trolley, got lucky pennies, and just had a beautiful afternoon as a family.
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Such good memories.
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Stay away from that hat guy…he knows what he’s doing! :)
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Love this little family of mine. xoxo
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Darais Family: Presidio & Golden Gate Bridge

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Another family I just adore!

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And this baby boy is the cutest!

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Sweet baby James.

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Elise, seriously….stop being so drop-dead-gorgeous!!!!!! It’s not fair to the rest of us. :)

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More favorites…

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Mike & Elise- We will miss having you as neighbors! xoxo

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Christensen Family: Golden Gate Bridge

Now that I am posting some of my last San Francisco sessions…I am feeling so sad!

I love this city.

So much beauty and so many good people in this place!
It will be so hard to leave next week.

But, to cheer up…let me introduce this next family.
Boy, they are simply beautiful & this little girl makes my heart so happy.
 photo blog15_zpsc70d7f73.jpg
All smiles…all the time.

 photo blog16_zps9830ace6.jpg
 photo blog4_zpsf5d78947.jpg
Another smile!
 photo blog1_zps52db67d9.jpg
Seriously, I don’t think there was ever a moment with her NOT smiling. SO CUTE!!
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And these two people are gorgeous together.
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So pretty…
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 photo blog27_zps650406a6.jpg
Love these!
 photo blog2photos_zps5cfb728d.jpg
Best of luck to you, Ali & Jordan! Excited for your big move to Texas! xoxo

The Ringer Family: Palace of Fine Arts

Another family that I adore!
 photo blog19_zps53dc5f79.jpg
I am going to miss these people when we move this month!

Sweet little Ruthie…

 photo blog9_zpsd883ad2d.jpg

Adorable baby June…
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And Jill & Eric…two of the kindest people I know.

 photo blog17_zps3a531cb4.jpg

Jillian has helped me so much these three years in San Francisco.
She’s been a fun friend & done countless things for me & my girls. We all think the world of her!

 photo blog2phhotos_zps3f657381.jpg
Such gorgeous people!

 photo blog24_zps592153a8.jpg
…And love how spunky Ruth is!
 photo blog26_zps13e3f051.jpg

Doing tricks for Daddy…cutie pie…

 photo blog28_zps6d286cd5.jpg

Such a beautiful family!

 photo blog29_zps59a7cb22.jpg

 photo blog2photos_zps2aa045f1.jpg photo blog3_zps5acf54a8.jpg

 photo blog2_zpse54e803b.jpg

Seriously… Jillian…stop being so gorgeous!!!!

 photo blog14_zpsb3cd9df7.jpg

 photo blog8_zpsd97c50ac.jpg

Ringers…thanks for being such awesome friends!
We will miss you but wish you guys the best of luck with your next big adventure in New York! xoxo

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