The Turley Family

 photo blog19_zps2be3f6c5.jpg
I really just adore the closeness of this family!
They were so fun during the session and it’s plain to see how much these people love each other!

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I’ll let the pictures just speak for themselves…beautiful, beautiful family! Enjoy!
 photo blog23_zps0533f90f.jpg
 photo blog13_zps3853c312.jpg

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 photo blog6bw_zps9cd196e3.jpg
 photo blog2photos_zpsab4a795a.jpg photo blog15_zps122b7a0a.jpg
 photo blog2photohhs_zpsab142a1e.jpg
 photo blog26_zps4e9e4a7a.jpg
 photo blog20_zps17e715e9.jpg
 photo blog2photohhhh_zpsbafcd929.jpg
 photo blog34_zpsaf2fef32.jpg

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  1. Spring said . . .

    I love these pictures!! I especially love that front door! Was this photographed at their home? The photos have so much personality because of the setting of a home. Great job!!

    Posted August 17, 2013 at 8:51 pm | Permalink

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